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Can I Be a Surrogate?

You can be a Surrogate for another person. Let’s say you have a child that may not be able to do a QTH Hypnosis session and you want some guidance and answers that can assist you and your loved one. Or an aging parent who is not able to have a session. We have assisted those with ADHD, Autism, Dementia, and more. I will go into your session with the intent to assist this loved one, allowing the sacred alchemy and clearing as needed and find the answers you are searching for. 


Prior to your session, I require you do your own QTH hypnosis healing session first to clear and prepare you for the connection. At times, you will find your answers within this session. If you do these two sessions, I do offer a half price discount for your 2nd session since it is a gift from your heart to assist your loved one. Please note, I will normally not accept a surrogate of a non-family member. That said, if you would like to use your own QTH A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Session to inquire about any loved one, we can certainly inquire for the information you desire.

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