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What is QTH Hypnosis

The word "hypnosis" originates from the Greek word "hypnos", meaning sleep. Throughout your day and night, you drop into 5 different brain states.  These include:


When in deep concentration, the fastest of the brain waves but also subtle with a quiet mind


Deeply relaxed, inward focused, deep meditation, beginning of sleep state where fears, history, nightmares are held


Your normal waking state during cognitive tasks, alert and attentive, mental focus


Deepest dreamless sleep where awareness is suspended and healing and regeneration occur


Very relaxed, passive attention, quiet flowing thoughts, being in the present, mental coordination


Deepest dreamless sleep where awareness is suspended and healing and regeneration occur

Quantum Touch Hypnosis is...

QTH Hypnosis does NOT re-program your brain with suggestions of what not to do, like a drug or eating disorder, etc. Instead, we dive into your subconscious mind and investigate the core cause of your disorder as lead by YOU. Once you surrender to the process, you drop into the Theta Brainwave. This is the brainwave where you go when you suddenly find yourself home after driving for some time on a familiar route. It is the state you go as you are dropping into sleep. It is a natural and peaceful place as in theta, where we are in a dreamlike state, with intuition and information beyond our normal conscious awareness. It is where we hold our fears and history. Being in an altered state of mind, allows the enhancement of your senses. Through using imagination at the deepest level, you bridge your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experiences. Your meditative and prayerful practice before a session can assist with your induction process.

You may experience your session with being fully conscious or being in an unaware somnambulistic state. This is a deep state in which you have no memory of your session even though it is YOU who are speaking throughout the session! No worries as I will have a recording of your session available for you within 24 hours, normally the night of your session. Either way, it will be YOU speaking and journeying. 

You do not have to worry if you need to use the restroom or move your body. Your subconscious/higher self will let me know and will ensure you are taken care of. If fact, even if I wasn’t there in the midst of your session, your higher self would ensure that you wake up just like you do in your meditative and prayerful state. Know that the deeper you surrender, the better results you will have.

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