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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a QTH session right for me?
    If you are ready to resolve issues that are holding you back from finding your dreams, your purpose, your passion; if you are ready to release your obstacles from your present or your past; if you are ready to let go of negative family patterns; if you are ready to begin healing health issues; if you are ready to dive into who you are at a soul level, then you are ready for your QTH session.
  • What if I don’t believe in this stuff?
    Whether you are faith based, fact based, or spiritually esoteric, Theta meditative hypnosis can certainly be just as affective for you. Your journey is personal and your subconscious/higher-self will always take you where it is most important and appropriate for you at this time. This is not your grandfather’s hypnosis where I take you in a trance and tell you what to think. YOU are the captain of your journey. Let your imagination go free and deepen your relationship with your true self in a safe and supportive environment.
  • How will QTH improve my life?
    My sessions work at a deep, subconscious level with your higher conscious mind, your higher self, your soul, leading you as the director of your experience. Subsequently after your session your life will show improvement with your own self-love, empowerment, confidence and an understanding of your current life. Carl Jung said this appropriately when he pointed out that “When an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside as fate.” To further explain with psychological clarification: When an inner state is not made conscious, it will be reflected in your outer world. Furthermore, when the individual remains fractured and does not become conscious of these torn pieces of his/her inner child, the world mirrors this actuality to show him/her what needs to be healed. When you heal these parts within yourself, your life path opens to your own creativity and your true self-esteem flourishes as your awareness expands. As a result, you experience an increased sense of inner peace. This in turn brings you a new freedom within yourself and your life as a reflection of your new you. You therefore move forward with your life in a more harmonious and joyful way. Your session is only the beginning of your expanded awareness as it increases your ability to navigate your life’s journey and now, you become the captain, thus creating the life you desire.
  • What is the difference between a A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Session and a R.A.A.H. Reiki Healing Session?
    Your QTH/A.U.R.A. session includes a deep Theta hypnosis session in which we explore another time and space that is relevant to you, uncovering the obstacles in your life for the many reasons we have explored here. In your R.A.A.H. Reiki/Healing Touch session you do not go into the deep Theta hypnosis state! Therefore, we do not explore the reasons for attachments, dis-ease, and relationship discord. With the aid of Angels, R.A.A.H. Reiki Healing is both a healing and a clearing modality. For more information click here. (TBD)
  • Why is imagination important and how is it used in your session?
    Imagination is more than just day dreaming. It is the pathway to communication and how you interact with the spiritual and non-physical realms. It is also the space where your life’s records are stored. Our imagination holds our past and present fears. Even our irrational thoughts are held in our imagination. Although as children you may have been reprimanded for ‘daydreaming’, it is a natural tool that allows you to move into and through the inter-dimensional ‘levels’ of your consciousness. It bridges your unconscious knowing with your conscious reality. Paramahansa Yogananda stated, “Imagination is a portal through which you can transcend the imposed limitations of this world.” He also states that nothing comes from without but all things come from within, mainly through the subconscious. Even Einstein clearly stated, “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge”. Even after your session, you may feel like you made it all up. Nevertheless, take it as a tool to view your unconscious and subconscious thoughts, feelings, and emotions. For many of us, it may take time for us to allow changes in ourselves to unfold. When your own mind becomes your ally and unites with your life’s purpose your desired changes will unfold naturally.
  • What should I expect during my QTH AURA session?
    We start with spending a little time getting to know each other and reviewing your questions. Then we continue with alchemy healing. After we get into this meditative protective space, we move forward with what is called the induction in which I begin taking you on your journey. Your journey is composed of four parts, finding your beautiful place, exploring another life or 2 or 3, speaking with your subconscious/higher-self for clarification and asking any questions you have, and the clearing of any infringements.
  • What should I expect during my QTH R.A.A.H. Healing Touch session?
    We start with spending a little time getting to know each other and reviewing your questions. Then you basically lay down in a comfortable undisturbed environment. Be prepared to be there for a minimum of an hour and up to two hours. I start with alchemy healing which includes singing bowls, divine frequency music, calling in angels and your own high frequency, God Creation Source entourage of angelic guides. After clearing, I do energy healing work. You may fall asleep which is perfectly fine as this session will be quietly led. Either way, the healing will begin and continue to assist you for days, weeks, and even months depending on your intention and need.
  • How do I prepare for my QTH session?
    When you sign up for your session you will receive a complete list of things to do to assist you in preparing for your best session. To begin with, stay open-minded, practice surrender, and leave expectations at the door. You will want to be clear on what you are seeking from the session. This list may change up to the day of your appointment! Practice quieting your mind whether walking in nature, meditating, or a prayerful connection – not of what you desire but with a grateful heart.
  • What else should I know?
    Exist within the frequency of wonder. Allow curiosity about what your own subconscious revelations might be. Remember to let you imagination take you on your journey. It is your destiny to have your own transformational experience and remember to allow a shift in consciousness. Your session can initiate healing and if you are ready, the healing can be complete. When you heal your emotional trauma, your body has the ability to heal if you believe in it. You are the one stepping into your own healing. Your session can be a spiritual transformation. Your session can provide you clarity in your relationships. You will experience what you initiate and are open to experience. Finally, please know that I would love to hear from you after you listen to the recording of your session. Please send me an e-mail as to your progress and how your regression has affected your life.

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