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R.A.A.H. healing is known as a sister to the A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing with the exception that you do not go into the deep Theta, hypnosis state! With the aid of the Angels, R.A.A.H. Reiki Healing is both a healing and a clearing modality. I combine using ancient prayerful sacred alchemy with energetic Healing Touch. Many blockages of energy can be obstructing your own ability for your own connection to your angels, guides, and Source Creator God. With the protection throughout your session and a deeper connection, negative energies that do not serve your highest good are removed and your heart-based healing does begin. Additionally, your own connection can begin, or, become strengthened.

Illnesses are energetic imbalances and blockages that we ourselves have created. Our body is trying to speak to us through these physical signs. Cancer can be unexpressed emotions from anger or hatred within or outside of you. Diabetes can be that lack of sweetness or love in your life. A heart attack can be a sign that you lack joy in your life. Arthritis can be energetically caused by holding onto something or someone very tightly. A throat disorder can be caused from not speaking your truth and a fear of speaking out. Each of these can be cleared as we find the core of your dis-ease and release it. Once these root-cause inversions are released, the body is able to begin it journey of self-healing. Like a river no longer being clogged, your energy is now ready to flow. As love-light once again returns to your physical body it brings it back into its original, organic, pure soul blueprint.


R.A.A.H Reiki Healing can be performed on clients of all ages, animals, and, clearing of homes. When removing these infringements, we empower you to find your own connection and growth within yourself activating these organic potentials.

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