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Healing Touch for Animals® & Healing Touch Program

Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) is a modality taught by Carol Komitor for more than 25 years. Carol has taught pet owners and animal advocates all over the globe specific techniques and applications to promote wellness, provide support through injury or illness, help with behavior issues, and enhance the animal/human bond. Having a connection to animals, Carol created this modality after becoming a coordinator for the founder of Healing Touch Program for people and having a curiosity as to how the techniques could be used on animals.  As Carol could see energy, through years of pursuance, she perfected her skills and began teaching others how to utilize them on both animals and people. Carol taught how to use her techniques for both animals and people. Healing Touch Program was specifically developed for people to energetically assist people on their healing journey. It has been used by in hospitals by trained nurses and volunteers.

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Using heart centered energy field therapy that supports the body to self-heal, through clear intention, I help people and animals to balance, stabilize, and clear their energy system. Stabilizing the energy system in turn regulates the body’s natural response ultimately regulating the immune system and allowing the body to heal. I also use high quality essential oils, toning, and tuning forks for sound & vibrational therapy. Healing touch is a holistic approach that works on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and instinctual.

As an advanced Healing Touch for Animals practitioner, I have learned over 40 techniques designed to work with injury, illness, pain, stress, anxiety, emotional trauma, grief, enhancing the quality of life during chronic illness, and support the end-of-life transition. 

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