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What QTH’s Deep Theta Meditative Hypnosis Can Do

Do you have a desire to have clarity in your life and taking the necessary steps to a fulfilling purpose? Do you have a curiosity to know more about where you came from and why you are here? Do you wonder why you have certain people or certain experiences in your life? Would you like insight into your work? Do you have health issues in which you are ready to begin a healing journey? Would you like to gain a deeper understanding of who you are?

It is becoming increasingly evident that humanity is in the midst of a profound evolutionary shift in consciousness. Maybe you have a desire to align with your own soul’s purpose or learn how to navigate your life’s path. Or, maybe you want clarity of soul contracts (and release any negative ones) you came here with. Perhaps you want to know why you chose (at some level) your parents, your relationships. Possibly you want to gain some answers to deeply held questions or find resources and gifts that you have.

QTH can assist with:


To learn or understand the energetic root or cause of specific health challenges, and to endeavor to resolve them.

Spiritual Origins and Goals

To discover a past life, your current life past experiences, or even your galactic history (aka your star ancestry), that are affecting you today. What have you experienced, and how is your history influencing your spiritual path? What fractals exist in your soul that is most beneficial in this current moment in time?


To understand lifelong patterns with multiple people or dynamics of a specific individual relationship, sudden attractions or repulsions, and to encourage more peace and harmony.


·Emotional concerns, unexplained fears, phobias.

·Self-worth issues.

·Missing time or other unsolved mysteries, a familiarity with a place, past-life curiosity and healing.

·Answering questions that you would like some clarity.

Life Path

Usually related to spirituality, work/employment/career, and creating abundance. What guidance is available to you?


·For any and every reason you could possibly imagine!

QTH (Quantum Touch Healing) deep Theta meditative hypnosis is a therapeutic practice that guides you into a deeply relaxed state of consciousness in which we explore memories and visions revealed by your subconscious mind and your soul where together we direct your awareness beyond time and space into what is meant to assist you at this time for your highest good. Your experience is unique. These memories will assist with your healing and understanding.

QTH is a unique journey of self-discovery for your own personal growth. The deeper state of Theta meditative hypnosis is accessed through your own sensory experience. Within your session you can communicate with your sub-consciousness, your intuition, your gut feeling, your heart inspiration. I call this subconscious at this level the Higher Self. It is our innate wisdom. It is Infinite love. It is always with us and always guiding us. It is within this peaceful space, between our thoughts, that we conduct your session.

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