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What are Infringements?


When a person dies and the soul leaves the body, they can be called an entity. According to Wikipedia, an “Entity is anything that can be considered, discussed, or observed. An entity is something that exists as itself, as a subject or as an object, actually or potentially, concretely or abstractly, physically or not. It does not need to be of material existence.” 

It is my understanding that infringements can be entities or even artificial intelligence attachments. Out of unhealed trauma, entities can choose not to leave the earth plane. Some can even choose to come to this earth plane and make your life difficult. They are usually drawn to your light, and sometimes intentionally, sometimes not, begin to siphon your energy and cause physical discomfort. In QHT, we have found that many times, they are the core cause of your physical ailments. Much of the time, they attach when you are feeling sad, angry, or traumatized yourself. In QHT we heal this core cause of your allowance with this attachment and clear entities by using sacred alchemy and the assistance of angels to assist them on their journey back to Creator God / Source in a pure and beneficial way for both you and the entity. In the same way, anything fully artificial is transmuted back to the Fire of God. This is all completed with permission from your own subconscious Higher Self and always for your highest good.

None of us want to have negative attachments let alone artificial ones. Without daily proper protection, our interaction with our phones, our computers, and our impurities in our world open the door for the ability for these to attach to us. It is very important that every morning when you wake and every evening before bed, that you envision a bubble of Light around you and call on your own angels and guides to assist you with protection not only as you sleep, but also throughout the day.

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