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What is Past Life Regression Therapy?


You may have heard of Past Life Regression (PLR) Hypnotherapy and wondered what it is. It is based upon the understanding that we are eternal beings (souls). Whether we believe that sometimes our soul brings unresolved issues from a former life into the current one, or that every issue we face is reflective of our current life, PLR provides the opportunity to find answers to help us overcome issues in our current life. Through being regressed and guided through one or more past lives or current life situations, the Higher Self (via the Subconscious) takes you to what is most relevant for your current life. As a coach and therapist, I facilitate your session to creats a safe environment while your Higher Self/subconscious directs your session bringing forth the needed information to assist with your guiding and healing. 

In your Quantum Touch Healing session, your subconscious/Higher Self decides on what experience you should explore that will bring you the highest possible healing at this time. In my experience, the session journey has ALWAYS been relevant to your current life. This can be experienced within your past experiences of your current life, of another life, or even of a more expanded version of you. At times we will journey into differing life experiences. Whatever involvement you have, it will all be explained to you in your session. In your session you may experience emotional triggers and possibly even a painful memory. I create a safe environment for you to release these obstacles that are blocking and/or affecting you today. The result can pave the way for you to ease your physical well-being, catalyze your healing, and move you forward in your life. In many instances, your Higher Self gives you the guidance to assist you in your continued growth.

PLR is a catalyst to assist you with discovering what is holding you back from being who you truly are and becoming the person you are meant to be. In just one session QTH can be a life changing tool that would otherwise take months, years, or more to resolve. It can show you how your current relationships are affecting your life today. Most of our own current reality is run by our unconscious programming in which much of it was created in the first 7 years of our life. While we may unconsciously carry forward our past life trauma to our current life, this life is meant to be the one that provides us with the healing we need for our soul to evolve. This may appear obvious when we see many gifted young individuals whether it be in the arts, in sports, or in sciences. Unfortunately, you may also experience trauma that is in the way of our progress physically, financially, mentally, personally, etc. Or, maybe you experienced a trauma in your current life in which you are struggling unraveling to resolve it. The issue that is locked into our psyche can be difficult to detangle. 


PLR allows clients to regress to a time that is purposeful for this moment in time. By bringing these memories into your awareness, you can release and heal the emotional blockage that has kept you stuck. I guide you through the appropriate life let by your own subconscious/Higher Self and assist you with processing your feelings in a safe environment. When we talk with your Higher Self, we find guidance and answers to assist you on your current journey.

By re-experiencing the significant events of a previous time in a safe space and allowing your body to release the trapped emotions, you can finally move forward in your current life. Just like conventional therapy, we trace the origin, re-address the experience in a safe environment, and find completion and peace. In the end, it is your own consciousness that you yourself re-train to begin your healing journey. 

You may also decide to come to a session for more information and clues with unlocking your own cosmic origins, strengths and gifts. Your session is always a most beautiful experience. The possibilities are endless.

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